See the Big Picture

It is easy to think that there is no profit in building websites for non-profit organizations.  The truth is actually quite the opposite.  However, you need to step back and look at the bigger picture with non-profits.  You see, many of them are funded by private donors or by the government and quite often by both. Therefore, their funding does not come in at regular intervals.  It usually arrives in large chunks.  These chunks are usually attached to a very specific set of deliverables.  If you’re services are required to achieve their funding milestones then you are in business.

The Catch

We have learned over the years, a non-profit can sometimes need web work done that does not have any direct funding.  Obviously we do not work for free.  However, understanding the ebb and flow of the funding cycles of non-profits can help us to plan for the lean days.

The Cycle

Most non-profits are thinking about a new year of funding in the early spring, usually February and March.  April is a new year baby!  And with it comes new projects, new strategies, and new rounds of funding.

This means that it is actually in the February and March time period that you want to approach non-profits and talk with them about their ideas for the new year.  You can write quotes and they can include them in their budgets.  Once the budgets are approved and money starts rolling in you are on their list of people to call.  Not to quote…but to get started working.  It’s a great feeling.


A non-profit web design client is a long-term commitment.  They may not always have a tonne of money but when they do they are willing to share it with those who were there during the lean days.  Stick with them, bend over backwards for them when their funding is at a low ebb and you’ll be reaping the rewards in due time.