Inside the CSI Annex

The Centre for Social InnovationWe are excited to announce that we have been invited to join a new initiative by the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) called the “The Design Common“.  The new space aims to house an ongoing dialogue on the use of design as a tool for social innovation. The cross-pollination of disciplines and ideas will push the boundaries of design, social entrepreneurship, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Why a shared space?

It is true that a more traditional approach would have been to seek out independent office space with four walls separating us from the next guy.  Where we could hunker down and pump out websites and web applications without the influence of the outside world.   However,  the influence of the outside world is often what is missing from design.  It would be arrogant to assume that our ideas are always best.  The value of sharing space with a multi-disciplinary group of designers who are committed to igniting eachother’s ability to do better work and do it for the greater good is too good to pass up.  In the end, we are confident it will result in better work and happier people.CSI Annex

The space was created specifically for people who are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and who are actively using design thinking to invent new solutions to social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges.  Being a socially conscious web design agency, we feel that this space is perfect fit for us.   Not only does it give us space to grow professionally, but it surrounds us with a like-minded community of design thinkers.  We are convinced that our participation in this space will increase our ability to provide innovative solutions for our clients and help us to make the web a better place.